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The world's first authentic phygital marketplace

More interactive and eco-friendly space for e-commerce platforms

The Technology

Our Cadence-backed checkout system creates a more interactive and eco-friendly environment for buyers purchasing products from online SMEs and authentic brands

The Vision

40% of brands want to create more ways for customers to interact with them in 2022 and beyond.

The Dressing Room's novel checkout method will help brands and local businesses become more interactive than ever before.


Earn 7% on every future sale

Sell your digital NFTs to receive payouts every time they are traded on marketplaces such as OpenSea or The Dressing Room.


Authenticated and verified

Counterfeiting is a widely understood problem among brands. Our phygital NFTs help buyers get the real products they want.


Gain trust amongst your customers

With our blockchain, there is complete transparency, enabling customers to trust brands.


Track the item, make it more eco-friendly

Track the origins of a phygital NFT. Our blockchain records every transaction, allowing you to keep track of each item's origins.

Our Services


Digital storefront

We create a digital storefront for your brand. We turn your products into their digital counterparts, which are NFTs of 3D-rendered product models—this transition leads to secondary marketplace resales and, eventually, an additional revenue stream for your brand.

Digital Product Passport

Our optional service is a digital product passport, a QR code holding information about your brand, the material used, and the carbon footprint. The QR code is attached to every item of your brand. We provide this service for brands that want to approach their customers most sustainably. 



Anytime Express Shipping

We partnered with DHL express and other global logistics leaders to ensure that all products from your brand are securely and quickly delivered to the customers. We deliver directly from your hands to the hands of customers across the globe.

User Flow

How it Works?

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"The Dressing Room will
revolutionize the way brands, and customers interact"


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